Google Adwords Management Agency in Jaipur | Focused on ROAS
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Google Adwords Management Agency in Jaipur | Focused on ROAS

Google Ads Agency m m m We Drive High Quality, Relevent Traffic To Your Website.


PPC/ Google Ads

In an ideal world, combined SEO and PPC advertising strategies work best at driving targeted results. Integrated SEO And PPC

Display & Youtube Ads

Creative banners can really propel your brand and assist you to urge ahead of your target audiences across the online .

Search Ads

Do you wish to reach a targeted audience who are more likely to buy your product or services? Strategic and targeted Search Ads is the solution you are looking for.


Does paid marketing work for small businesses?

We help dozens of small businesses who have seen significant growth as a consequence of using paid advertising effectively. We think that this is key

Why should I use digital marketing over more traditional methods?

Where does your audience spend the majority of its time? Chances are, it’s online, which is why it makes sense to try and reach them there.

For how long do marketing campaigns need to last?

If you’re starting from scratch you will need a phased approach. So start with brand awareness - tell people who you are

Google Adwords Management

Deeply Data-Driven program Marketing?

From fixing comprehensive tracking and reporting with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio along side SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, and Supermetrics we’ve all the info along side the insights to form it actionable.Digital Marketing Account Manager Icon

Full Stack PPC Lead Generation?

Why manage multiple agencies and consultants? Upgrow offers an entire performance marketing suite of services — from strategy to launch, all digital advertising channels to conversion-focused web design, we will function a partner for all of your online growth needs.Full Service Digital Marketing Icon

Pro-Level PPC Managers?

Some ad agencies put smooth-talkers with no real technical chops on your account, All of our account managers have at least 3 years of experience in planning and managing digital marketing programs, and are available to our clients by email and Slack. if someone clicks on your ‘ad’ then you get ‘charged’ for it. You can set a budget and even a limit per day so there are no surprises, like having it show up between certain hours and so on. The cost of the ‘click’ depends on how popular the keyword is.

Optimization Plans

Marketing Audit

We provide a full audit of your existing online marketing strategy and suggest achievable improvements and techniques to propel your brand to a subsequent level!

Strategy Creation

We create campaigns that convert and specialise in the metrics that matter most to your business. Using our expertise and best practice we'll achieve winning results.

Accurate Tracking

We will correctly implement Tags, Pixels, and Tracking codes to accurately record your website sales, also as diagnose any conversion funnel bottlenecks which your visitors may encounter.

Conversion Rate

We recommend website optimization wins and best-practice conversion techniques which could see your conversions double! We’ll analyze where users leave your sites and suggest to increase conversions

Creative Banner Design

We find the simplest way to target and have interaction your audience with carefully crafted banner advertising that has specific relevant calls-to-action.

Performance Reporting

We review and interpret all marketing performance data and highlight significant points that need addressing or improving. we offer performance reports on a frequency that suits you.

 Reach To Thousands Of New Peoples

The Work You Will Love....
Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords Management  Agency With Full-Funnel Approach


Google AdWords  Management agency for your business is integral for online success. We are a team of certified Google AdWords Management experts in India, offering end-to-end PPC  Company solutions to small and large-scale enterprises. Through a dedicated approach and proven tactics, we guarantee to generate quality leads at 20-30% lesser cost than any other PPC agency in India. Our result-oriented and process-driven PPC services not only ensure increased traffic and sales but also lower Cost Per Customer acquisition and Cost Per Conversion. Our services are custom-made to fit your unique requirements, offering outstanding results you expect from a leading AdWords certified agency in India.


Search Engine Marketing refers to harnessing the capabilities of the web search engines to reinforce the web presence of the business. It encompasses the utilization of paid sources to get the maximum number of users to go to your site. A reliable marketing tool, SEM is a fast, simple, and cost-effective solution to get a gentle flow of traffic on your website. it’s the right strategy if the business isn’t getting enough traffic organically, with the assistance of conventional SEO techniques alone. With SEM, the search engine optimization techniques are used in combination with the paid advertising strategies to get speedy and effective results for the business.



Google Adwords Management
Google Adwords Management

Get Your Brand In Front Of The Right People & At The Right Time With Our Google Adwords Management Service


AdWords PPC Experts is a leading Google Adwords Management agency that gives bespoke pay-per-click advertising services, customized to satisfy your unique business requirements. Our certified PPC experts will first understand your business and its audience, then leverage lucrative opportunities to assist you to get the most from your ad spend. Our key AdWords PPC services include. Google AdWords Management agency for your business is integral for online success. We are a team of certified Google AdWords Management experts in India, offering end-to-end PPC solutions to small and large-scale enterprises. Through a fanatical approach and proven tactics, we guarantee to get quality leads at 20-30% lesser cost than any other PPC agency within the country.


Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing can be an incredibly valuable tool—but as long as the person manning the campaigns has had their justifiable share of experience. That’s where our AdWords management agency comes in handy. 

Our team will work with you to work out the simplest strategy which will lower your CTR and increase conversions. Plus, we’re also monitoring your campaigns for new areas of improvement in order that you never hit a standstill. Whether it’s giving current campaigns a facelift or creating something from the bottom up, we have got you.


Display Advertising

Most people became oblivious to the ads that they see when browsing an internet site. so as to create sure that your display ads actually get noticed, you need an excellent design and a compelling CTA. 

Our  Google Adwords management company knows the way to design display ads that are irresistible. And you never need to worry about wasting ad spend on uninterested consumers—we confirm that your ads are only displayed on the sites that your audience frequents.


Shopping Campaigns

Using Google Shopping campaigns, you’ll put your products right under the noses of potential consumers. In other words, when a user searches for something in Google, your product feed is going to be displayed at the highest of the page. this provides you an excellent advantage over competitors since it eliminates the need for the buyer to look through a couple of websites to find what they need.


Remarketing and Retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting campaigns allow you to advertise specifically to customers who have already interacted with specific products. These campaigns are especially effective since the people you’re advertising to possess already shown genuine interest in your brand—they just may need a touch extra push. 

Our Google Adwords management agency will create a unique remarketing strategy that’s designed to assist you to maximize your conversion potential. We use captivating ad copy that makes a way of urgency in order that consumers feel the necessity to buy right away.


Landing Page and Conversion Rate Optimization

Your search and display ads are very important—but there’s another aspect of paid advertising that a lot of people neglect: the landing page. it is vital to remember that when you capture the interest of a lead, they still need to attend your landing page before they convert. If it’s slow or unattractive, you’ll lose tons of potential customers. 

The designers and content writers at our AdWords management company have an excellent deal of experience in creating landing pages that are designed to extend conversions. And to create sure that we get the best possible outcome, we use A/B testing to find the simplest possible headlines, copy, and more.


Amazon PPC Advertising

Advertising on one of the world’s biggest online retailers, Amazon, can give your brand an interesting marketing push. we’ve vast experience improving visibility and conversion rates on Amazon Product Listing Ads (PLAs), bidding on the very best potential keywords for remarkable results on Amazon search engine result pages.


OUR FOCUS: Increasing Your CTR, ROAS, and Predictable Revenue

Only the savviest of advertisers thrive on the Google Ads platform. you’ll trust our certified PPC experts to form your business stand out among the gang. 

We’ve worked with tons of big-name businesses, so we understand how challenging it is often to find, nurture, and convert qualified leads. Our team of PPC experts will create a customized Google Ads strategy only for your brand using Google’s best practices.

We offer the subsequent Google Ads services which will help you get more clicks, drive more website traffic and convert them into paying clients and customers:


  • Expert strategy planning and execution
  • A thorough analysis of your industry competitors
  • Ad creation and optimization
  • ROI measurements and optimization tips
  • In-depth keyword discovery
  • Ongoing campaign tracking and monitoring
  • Regular campaign progress reporting
  • Advanced campaign consulting (including geo-targeting and day-parting)
  • Back end CRM integration and reporting
  • Discovery of new market and medium opportunities


In Includes :

Keyword Research

Keywords are the inspiration of search engine marketing because the right choice decides the extent of traffic you’re ready to get to your website. we have a team of expert professionals to help you in identifying the proper keywords to take a position certain a successful paid campaign.


Market Analysis

Market analysis is a significant element of SEM Services as it enables you to induce the highest keywords for elevating your business ranking. we feature out an extensive analysis of the keywords getting used by your competitors and help you bid on those that might leave them behind.


Campaign Management

The success of an SEM campaign rests on the selection of the proper combination of ads as well as managing it over its life cycle. Our certified SEM experts keep an eye on the performance of the campaign and make all the requisite adjustments in it to create sure that your business gets an optimal ROI.



The analysis is important to create sure that an SEM campaign is delivering desirable results. We integrate in-depth analytics as a neighborhood of strategic marketing plans. The analytics are wont to study parameters like the keyword searches, user search history, geographical locations, and hardware used.


Ad Campaign Design

We design and run targeted ad campaigns on various social media networks like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Google. Our services include Pay Per Click (PPC) ads which are designed using Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo ads. Our strategy also includes landing pages, banner ads, affiliate marketing, and remarketing to get top rankings for your business.



The job of an inquiry Engine Marketing company goes beyond creating and managing paid ad campaigns to urge high visibility for the client business. it’s also liable for delivering measurable results which will be tracked at any time by the client.


Process :


Campaign Strategy

Set up your SEM campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, YouTube, and other search engines. Define campaign goals, create conversion tracking in Google Analytics, geo-target your campaigns and drive targeted traffic to your website at the bottom cost-per-click possible.


Keyword Research

Find low-cost, high-converting keywords that your customers regularly use to find your business online. Set budgets, and manage pay-per-click (PPC) keyword bids, and keyword match types to maximize your share of voice on the best-performing search phrases.


A/B Testing

Tap into our in-house digital copywriting team to make a winning copy for your SEM text ads that are on brand, on message, and designed to convert. Use proper calls-to-action and emotional triggers to get more click-throughs. AB tests your ad copy for the best conversion and response rates.


Tracking & Tools

Set up campaign conversion and revenue tracking in Google Analytics, also with other third-party tools, to urge real-time data for optimization. Create dashboard reports to tug API data from various tools and platforms and continuously optimize existing campaigns for max ROI,




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